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What is Demarchy and Freedom?

 Demarchy and Freedom is a political party founded on April 23, 2019 with the aim of ending the cainita and alienating political environment imposed on society by partisan struggles. Political parties need "tension" and confrontation in society in order to present themselves as "saviors" of their electoral "target". Fictitious division given that all citizens want to solve the same problems. The electoral campaigns have become a theater in which political leaders launch their quasi-military harangues in order to raise the level of fear and tension that allows them to alienate their target audience to vote for them. For this they do not hesitate to lie and promise all kinds of magic unicorns and elixirs with which they will take us all out of poverty and misery.

 The goal of Demarchy and freedom is that all citizens can be candidates for public office and work for the real resolution of our problems. For this we want to replace the electoral system current by a system based on the draw of public charges between all citizens who want it and have the capacity to do so. In consequently, political parties will become obsolete and will have to dissolve or become associations of opinion, ours naturally too.

 Additionally, we want to establish the General Assembly of Citizens constituted by all citizens with the right to vote and whose mission is to accept or reject all laws, edicts or rules that the positions chosen by lottery wish to implement. All the rules will have to be endorsed by those affected by it.

 Here you can find all the information you need about our political party and the proposals we propose. And what is the true Democracy and the difference with what we "enjoy", representative governments.

 Get in touch with us, it will be a pleasure to help you.