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Our objectives are not utopian, they are completely current, feasible and necessary. On this page you will see resources, pages, articles, etc. that show how they are within our reach.

Movement of Political Regeneration of Spain is an association that basically shares the aims of this party. I will show in this place a permanent link to your website and then interesting videos that the promoter of this association publishes on youtube periodically and we find them very relevant.

Democracia por sorteo is a working group settled between the Basque Country and different points of the Iberian Peninsula that explores the possibilities of devices based on the draw to improve the democratic system. If you want contact us or help us to complete the information of this web, you can find us at

Igualdad por sorteo Medialab-Prado  is a group that works collectively to promote and implement the only tool that guarantees the democratic: the draw. As well as unraveling some concepts strongly rooted in society regarding the democracy.

The fake news will make the news, images, etc. in the future completely manipulable; Consequently, in addition to the current impossibility of being aware and responsible for granting the vote to the most prepared candidate, insecurity will be added to the veracity of the means that each one of them will use to learn about this ideal. Only the election by lot among all citizens can give us certainty about the sincerity and suitability of the chosen ones. We will always be one of ourselves and not puppets in the hands of media manipulated and financed by obscure interests.

The Demarchy is not something new or unpublished. The Demarchy goes back to ancient Greece, the cradle of Democracy. But it has also been a system of election of positions throughout history in multitude of occasions:

Our initiative is not a testimonial position. Many organizations, groups and people work to establish the Demarchy in their respective nations. In this forum you can participate and consult all the ideas that other people share about Demarchy and Democracy by lottery:

The Democracy in its beginnings was Demarchy. The so-called Democracy is no more than a substitute that the most we could assimilate is a representative government.