Some of the objectives that we intend to propose and that are included in our statutes:

1.- Political charges .

All political charges will be chosen by lot among all citizens who wish to participate and meet the specific criteria for each charge. From the president of the nation to the last councilor of the smallest town they will be chosen by a system of stochastic election among the citizens that register in the draw. Each position will have specific requirements. All charges will be valid for 4 years and may not be re-elected. As an example, for the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, the same number of seats per province will be chosen by lot among all those registered in the province in question who have registered for the draw, in these two cases the only requirements will be be of legal age, be in good physical and mental health and have the level of education corresponding to the period of compulsory schooling.

Also all the charges of the judicial power will be chosen by a stochastic system among all the judges, lawyers and members of the judicial system. Belonging to the judicial system will be the minimum mandatory requirement to be able to access any lottery. In particular, however, in order to have access to the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court or the General Council of the Judiciary, it will be necessary to have exercised a sufficiently long period as a judge without fault.

2.- General Assembly of Citizens.

Establish the new institution General Assembly of Citizens composed of all citizens of legal age who have the right to vote. This institution will be in charge of sanctioning laws, decrees, edicts, etc. that they elaborate the Congress, the Senate, the city councils, the deputations and in general all the legislative chambers of any territorial level. That is, once the political positions advised by the permanent technicians have elaborated a proposal of norm and this has been, after deliberation, accepted by the corresponding chamber, all the citizens affected by that norm will be the ones who will give the approval for its publication in the corresponding legislative bulletin. Given that at the level of Congress and Senate that function is exercised by the King, he will lose this prerogative.

3.- Freedom to vote. Obsolescence of political parties.

All members of the legislative chambers of any territorial area shall have absolute freedom to vote in the performance of their office. As a consequence, political parties as we know them today will be obsolete organizations. The 350 deputies of the Congress or the 266 senators and in general all the members of the autonomic chambers and of the city councils will defend in those chambers what their conscience dictates to them with total independence. At the same time, all of them and the executive positions will suffer the permanent scrutiny of the judicial power, responding personally of infractions or abuses they commit. In particular, all political charges will have to suffer at the beginning and at the end of their term of office a fiscal audit that prevents illicit enrichment.